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Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty

At John Morris Group we stand behind each & every product we sell.

Now when you buy a Gilson pipette from us, you will automatically qualify for our free Lifetime Warranty.

How Do Your Pipettes Qualify?

Our Lifetime Warranty is available on all new manual, single channel Gilson Pipetman G, Pipetman Classic & Pipetman Neo pipettes purchased from John Morris Group after 1 July 2015.

Once registered, pipettes that are serviced annually at our NATA certified & Gilson authorised service centre, or on-site at your premises by a Gilson trained technician, will be protected from any product related performance failures & guaranteed to provide you dependable results year after year.

What’s Covered?

  • The cost of all parts & labour for any product failures.
  • The cost of all parts used during your annual service.

What’s Not Covered?

  • Accidental damage resulting from physical shock, continuous exposure to corrosive reagents or misuse in accordance with Gilson guidelines.
  • Pipettes not purchased or serviced annually from John Morris Group.
  • Labour cost of the annual service per Gilson pipette (prices below exclude GST).
Type of Service Australia New Zealand
Standard(1) AUD $118* NZD $144**
NATA(2) AUD $168* NZD $218**
On-Site(3) AUD $55 NZD $78

(1) Includes certificate with 5 readings at 3 points.
(2) Includes NATA certificate with 10 readings at 3 points (before & after calibration).
(3) Available for 50 or more Gilson pipettes to be serviced at the time.
* Local freight charge of $25 is additional for each separate dispatch to customer.
** Local freight charge of $20 is additional for each separate dispatch to customer.

NATA Accreditation Gilson Authorised Pippette Service
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