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Seismic Simulators

Across the globe, civil engineering researchers rely on MTS seismic simulation systems to accurately replicate earthquake ground motions in controlled laboratory settings. These systems help government and research organisations evaluate structural behavior under true earthquake conditions, helping to ensure the safety, durability and reliability of buildings, bridges and other civil structures and components. 

MTS seismic simulators, or shake tables, can evaluate everything from small structural components to full-scale structures. Encompassing the full spectrum of seismic testing needs, our portfolio of shake tables includes six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) simulators that subject full structures to real earthquake conditions, as well as special-purpose simulators for evaluating extremely large specimens such as bridges, and for specimens that require fewer degrees of freedom, such as walls or seismic dampers.

MTS also offers affordable standard uniaxial and biaxial simulators designed to test substructures and components in space-restricted laboratory environments.

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Brand: MTS Systems
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