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Power Analysers

DEWETRON power analysis is the ideal method for research and development, certifying institutions as well as close-to-production tests and startup procedures.

DEWETRON solutions allow broadband power measurements either mobile or stationary and naturally they master the challenge of distributed measurement technology. Highly accurate measurement solutions achieve synchronous data acquisition and online performance calculation of various power groups due to different configurations, which means that all parameters are being calculated online and displayed live. On top of that, we provide synchronous data acquisition.


  • High precision and synchronous calculation of several power groups
  • Determination of efficiency and loses
  • Recording of dynamic processes
  • Synchronous sampling up to 10 MS/S/ch
  • High-speed isolated modules
  • Analysis of rotation speed and torque
  • Observation of the rotary field
  • Additional data: pressure, temperature, vibration, strain, CAN data and GPS

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