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Portable XRF Analyser

Triboluminescence, or light from friction, has been observed  since the time of the Greeks. Whether it involves rocks or Wint-O-Green Lifesavers®, triboluminescence produces a brilliant show of light. But no one had any idea the energy could be this powerful.

In 2008, a team of physicists at UCLA working with DARPA funding discovered that this same phenomenon can be harnessed  to generate X-rays. That lone revelation promises to have the biggest impact on X-rays since their discovery.

Like many scientific advances, in hindsight, it shouldn’t have been a surprise at all. Clouds have made lightning by tribocharging  for millions of years through the beautiful struggle of static-electrical discord. Simply put, this discovery is lightning in a bottle.

Tribogenics has worked tirelessly to apply this discovery  to a host of innovative new X-ray solutions for the industrial and security markets.

Technological advances are generally able to make products better or smaller or more cost-effective. Ours does all three by eliminating the bulky, power-wasting, costly components that are currently used in lumbering, older X-ray sources.

The result is a new X-ray technology that’s mobile, affordable, and safe for use in any environment.



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