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We all live in a world with sounds. But in this world of “more of everything”, an increased level of noise has become the end product. Sometimes this is just an annoying element, on other occasions it can be harmful.

Our job is to solve the problem. We believe everyone should be able to continue to enjoy their everyday life, even if this is in a sometimes-noisy environment. We create earplugs that protect ears and hearing, without blocking out necessary sound. We want everyone to have happy ears.


Happy Ears are an improvement on the high-quality (but generally pricey) earplugs already available today. Their unique construction combines excellent noise reduction and sound reproduction.

Ordinary earplugs tend to muffle both lower and higher frequencies, which can lead to a tinny, muddy sound. Happy Ears, on the other hand, provide an average noise reduction of 20dB across all frequencies. This means the earplugs protect the ears from harmful noises while also retaining good sound quality and feeling.

Happy Ears are available in your choice of 3 colours: flouro pink, clear blue or flouro green and come in a custom made case so you can keep your Happy Ears in your bag or pocket.


The unique construction of Happy Ears—with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other—helps to preserve sound quality while providing high levels of protection and comfortable. Happy Ears are made from ABS in the core and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) on the outer surface. All materials used in the production of Happy Ears are medically approved so you can be sure you’re not putting anything in your ear that shouldn’t be there.


As well as the earplugs blocking the ear canal, the firm “foot” means that the sound reaching the ear is both clear and crisp. The unique 2XS (registered trademark) (clear acoustic system) means that while volume is reduced, sound quality is preserved.


When the earplug’s soft hat is placed in the outer ear, it automatically moulds itself according to the shape of the ear, becoming almost round. The soft material then tries to return to its original oval state and it is this, which creates pressure against the outer ear canal. This pressure means that the Happy Ears earplug fits securely and prevents sound from reaching the eardrum.


Happy Ears are easily placed in the ear canal with one hand. In comparison, other earplugs on the market have to be formed by the user so that they will fit. Not only can this be inconvenient, it can also lead to dirt and bacteria from hands making their way into the ear. Happy Ears are specifically designed so that they will stay in your ear while you’re sleeping and are completely silent when placed in your ear


Happy Ears contribute to sustainable development as they are reusable and can be washed by hand in a glass of water or even in a dishwasher.



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