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Do you shake, stir, separate, purify, homogenize, heat or cool during your applications?

John Morris Scientific has been supplying the laboratory industry for over 50 years and we pride ourselves on offering a wide product range of Laboratory Equipment, Labware, Lab Supplies and consumables. We back all our products with free and unbiased technical assistance to help you solve your application needs. Whether you are looking for laboratory equipment for precision measurement and control or everyday laboratory consumables such as beakers and tubing, John Morris Scientific is your one-stop source. 

Our extensive range of laboratory equipment helps you ensure reliable and accurate readings in your work environment. Our selection of laboratory equipment consists of latest models from all leading laboratory manufacturers with economical models as well as technologically advanced products.

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Part No: 02017-10
Brand: Kontes
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Part No: 07878-04
Brand: Dispensette
Stock: Expecting Stock Soon
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Part No: 12148-02
Stock: Expecting Stock Soon
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